A GOOD Samaritan who helped a heavily intoxicated man back home was ‘thanked’ for her kind deed when he forced her into the premises before carrying out a sex assault.

Her attacker, Brian Hutchinson, 59, is now facing a potential prison sentence when he returns to Durham Crown Court later this week.

He appeared at the court on a committal for sentence after admitting a single count of sexual assault at a recent hearing before magistrates.

The court was told the charge arose from an incident on the night of Sunday November 13, last year.

Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, said although he has some “limited” convictions, they are unrelated in nature.

Mr Abrahams said the complainant in the case was watching television with a friend at about 9.30pm when she heard a banging noise outside in the street.

She looked out to see two people apparently heavily under the influence of alcohol, one particularly worse for wear, who fell against some shutters.

Mr Abrahams said she went out and, as the other person had disappeared, she helped the fallen man to his feet.

Although she did not know him, she tried to help him make his way home.

Mr Abrahams said it took some time due to his level of intoxication.

On reaching the premises, she helped him with his keys to open the door and stood back to allow him to cross the threshold, but he invited her in for a cup of tea.

Although she refused, he became more demanding, grabbing her and pulling her into the living room.

In trying to resist she stumbled and fell onto the sofa, where Hutchinson pinned her down, scratching and marking her neck and face.

Although she managed to fight him off, he ran after her, saying: “Stay with me,” grabbing her and also committing the sexual assault.

Mr Abrahams said she broke free and fled the house, before contacting police.

On his arrest a short time later, Hutchinson told police he had been drinking cider and vodka since mid-afternoon, but he denied the assault allegation.

The victim told police at the time that she felt annoyed that someone she was trying to help should try to take advantage of her in such a way.

But Judge Christopher Prince said she should be given the chance to make an updated victim impact statement, if she wishes to have it read to court.

Adjourning, Judge Prince bailed Hutchinson, of Elm Court, Sacriston, to return to court for sentence on Friday.