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LIVE: Tees Valley Mayoral vote and local election reaction and results

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    Amelia May 12:38pm Fri 5 May 17
    If the Lib Dems and UKIP - who had no real chance at all and they knew it - had not stood, Labour would have lost so it's thanks to those two candidates that we are stuck with the Labour stranglehold in the North East!
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    Nige Boddy Replying Amelia May 7:17am Sat 6 May 17
    Did you know the result when you wrote this? The Tory won.

    Last edited: 8:50am Sat 6 May 17

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    oxbridge 1:37pm Fri 5 May 17
    Heard Ben's going to call the airport Parmo International.
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    behonest 2:18pm Fri 5 May 17
    A Tory mayor for the Tees Valley! Who would have guessed it?
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    mark r 5:17pm Fri 5 May 17
    looks like the "me dad voted voted labour brigade" zombied into the polling stations?
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    wynyardlad 8:07pm Fri 5 May 17
    Another quango that has to be paid for by the ratepayers along with the police commissioners. A mayor is not needed you can tell by the apathy in the voting.
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    Sword & Shield 9:52pm Fri 5 May 17
    Thank god Labour lost. Hooray !!
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    Nige Boddy 7:15am Sat 6 May 17
    Congratulations to Ben Houchen on his victory. Let us all now wait and see how he manages to revitalise the Airport. The Airport issue was certainly the issue all the voters in Darlington were talking about. Middleton Saint George (aka MSG) doesn't need any more housing and I genuinely hope the plans for further residential development on the Airport are called off. The Airport can be a massive engine for growth and new jobs. New airports are opening and thriving elsewhere like Robin Hood at Doncaster. I am especially attached to our airport. I lived beside it for several years. The airport is built upon an old WW2 Royal Canadian Airforce base. They picked the site for the WW2 airfield partly because my Great grandparents had what was known as the Air Circus on their farm at Middleton St George. 20 years ago it was acknowledged Manchester Airport was directly or indirectly responsible for 50,000 jobs in the North West. We really need one of those budget airlines to come in and make Teesside Airport or Durham Tees Valley thrive. Leeds Bradford Airport is dominated by one budget airline and that seems to work for them. One of the disappointing things about the election for Tees valley Mayor though is the turn out. That must have been a major factor in the result.
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    oxbridge Replying Nige Boddy 9:13am Sat 6 May 17
    Yes 21% for and 79% against sums it up, most people just take it as it comes in the UK and have lost interest in polling. Not worth discussing the airport on here! I see Ben's second point on his leaflets is to get protected status for the Parrmo, so if he sticks to that and leaves the councils to do the job they are doing we shall be fine.

    Last edited: 11:05am Sat 6 May 17

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    Daniel Blake . Replying oxbridge 4:27pm Sat 6 May 17
    It's because of all the lies politicians tell ,don't hold your breathe waiting for the airport being saved .
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    Bad grandad Replying Daniel Blake . 8:08pm Sat 6 May 17
    A little dicky bird told me you are going to be out on your ear !!! Reading what you have supported or even worse defended on you vitriolic earlier posts ! I for one will do a little jig
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    Daniel Blake . Replying Bad grandad 8:24pm Sat 6 May 17
    A little dicky bird doesn't know any thing mate , don't tell me you are another pr*t that believes every thing they are told ha ha ha !!!!!
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    Bad grandad Replying Daniel Blake . 7:33am Sun 7 May 17
    Firstly I'm not your mate ! Secondly I hate people who name call that shows me you sir are a coward ! Thirdly the fact you support the Labour party shows me that you are also in bed with terrorists and people who wish us harm -- I despise you and all you stand for
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    Daniel Blake . Replying Bad grandad 2:12pm Sun 7 May 17
    Listen MATE !!! just because we don't agree that does not make me a terrorist sympathiser , anyone that tries to have a go at me can expect me to have a go back ,I am not a coward ,as you would find out if we met , you need to calm down MATE don't dish abuse out if you can't take it back MATE .
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    Daniel Blake . Replying Bad grandad 8:26pm Mon 8 May 17
    You may have missed that I am against the council cutting TA's pay , better check what you are talking about more carefully grandad .
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    Gavsky 3:10pm Sat 6 May 17
    Always saddens me to see how few people bother to vote, no doubt then complaining about the candidates who are elected and how terrible everything is. Democracy is a fragile state and so many have died to protect it...but too many of us just don't appreciate it.
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    Nige Boddy 4:51am Sun 7 May 17
    Civil Aviation rules at one time allowed airlines to apply for the licence to operate a particular route. Unfortunately they were then allowed to have the licence but not actually operate it. This prevented competition coming in and operating the same route instead. A number of airlines had licences to run routes at Teesside / Durham Tees Valley but then didn't run them. Did they do this because they were operating other routes out of other regional airports and were trying to make Teesside passengers use other airports nearby? Do Civil Aviation rules still allow airlines to do this? A root and branch reform of Civil Aviation rules may be necessary to bring the airport back to a footing most Teesside people would want to see.
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    Nige Boddy 4:52am Sun 7 May 17
    The problem with Cleveland Police is as a force it has always been far too small. There are far too few front line officers. A conurbation the size of Teesside with nearly a million people in it has been policed by a very small force of a size one might expect in a small rural county. I have always found Cleveland Officers to be resourceful charming energetic and philosophical with boundless good humour in the face of overwhelming odds. One can make savings in policing by combining constabularies as has been done in Scotland where 7 forces became one. Does the historic County of Yorkshire really need three and a half police forces with three headquarters and three Chief Constable and six deputy Chief Constables? Think of the different press offices. Think of the different vehicle procurement officers. Think of the different HR departments all being paid for out of taxpayers money. Did you know a Deputy Chief Constable is paid £110,000 a year? Think of the pensions moving forward. What are they costing? Some of these guys are going to live for a further forty years past retirement. If you want to improve front line policing amalgamate some forces. Wouldn't we do just as well amalgamating Cumbria Northumbria and Durham along with half of the Cleveland area too? Cant we have just one force north of the River Tees to the Scottish Border? Of course we can. Think of the money we'd save which could then be spent on front line officers. The reason the Police themselves resist the change is because fewer forces then means fewer opportunities for promotion and fewer chances of a bigger pension at retirement.
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    [deleted] 4:52am Sun 7 May 17
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    Nige Boddy 4:54am Sun 7 May 17
    Can I just remind everyone please.... Anyone wishing to sign a petition against the downgrading of A and E in Darlington Memorial to a Walk In Centre can do so on the 38 degrees website at https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-accident-and-emergency-in-darlington?
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